I spent most of the past four years conducting an exhaustive investigation of the U.S. government’s use of interrogation technologies, including the polygraph.  You’ll be amazed at what I discovered.

TheClapperMemoFrontCoverLR 6-5-13My journey began in April 2009 when I asked Pentagon officials to answer a handful of questions about a new portable polygraph device that had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq one year earlier.  While waiting for them to respond, I sought answers elsewhere and found plenty — in locations all around the world.  Most importantly, I found evidence of an unconventional war — a “turf war” — that’s been raging silently for 40 years, shows no signs of easing, and impacts Americans around the world.

In my latest nonfiction book, THE CLAPPER MEMO, I share never-before-published details from the front lines of this turf war:

• I expose the win-at-all-cost strategy employed by polygraph loyalists to discredit all challengers to their technology’s status as the U.S. Government’s credibility assessment tool of choice;

I reveal the lengths to which high-ranking polygraph loyalists inside the Departments of Defense and Justice have shown they are willing to go to maintain their foothold in the credibility assessment arena when challenged by backers of a newer credibility assessment tool proven more reliable and more effective than polygraph;

I highlight conflicts of interest and ethical lapses on the part of senior government officials and expose revealing communications between individuals on both ends of lucrative government research grants that yielded pro-polygraph results;

I share how law enforcement officers across the United States describe their success using non-polygraph technology as an investigative tool during both routine and high-profile criminal investigations; and

I offer detailed firsthand accounts obtained during exclusive interviews with Americans who used non-polygraph technology to interrogate enemy combatants, detainees, and criminal suspects in places like Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Mexico and Iraq.

Four years after posing my initial set of questions to DoD, I stand convinced that polygraph loyalists’ blind loyalty to their century-old technology results not only in Americans in this country being falsely implicated and/or convicted of crimes they did not commit, but it places Americans who wear the uniforms of their country in war zones around the world at higher-than-necessary risk of becoming casualties.

Perhaps most important among my findings are the connections I made between three memos — including one issued by James R. Clapper Jr., now the nation’s top intelligence official — and hundreds of American casualties resulting from “Green-on-Blue” (a.k.a., “Insider”) attacks waged by so-called Afghan “allies” wearing the uniforms of their nation’s military, police and security forces.

By the time you finish reading THE CLAPPER MEMO, you’ll understand how, if not for the polygraph-only stance of high-ranking DoD officials, hundreds of American and coalition warfighters might have avoided being killed or wounded in Afghanistan.

Order a copy of THE CLAPPER MEMO.  It’s available at Amazon.

Order Books Graphic LR 6-15-13Bob is also the author of Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight for Military Justice.  Based on extensive interviews and never-before-published details taken from the actual Record of Trial, this nonfiction effort paints a portrait of military justice gone awry that’s certain to make your blood boil.