I Paid Attention to Reporter Before He Broke NSA Story

Published in The Guardian last week, reporter Glenn Greenwald’s exclusive report about the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance and data collection scandal will, perhaps, go down in history as the biggest story of his journalistic lifetime.  It was, however, Greenwald’s work many years earlier that caught my attention.

Greenwald Guardian NSA Story 6-6-13In my new book, THE CLAPPER MEMO, I dedicate an entire chapter to dissecting a slanted news report spearheaded by former ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and broadcast March 30, 2006, during a segment of the network’s Primetime program.

I not only point out how wrong Ross was in his reporting about an investigative technology that competes with polygraph but is banned for use by Department of Defense, but I also highlight some of Greenwald’s work that has been critical of Ross.  Specifically, I point readers to a Salon.com article published April 9, 2007, under the headline, “The unresolved story of ABC News’ false Saddam anthrax report.”

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 14 of THE CLAPPER MEMO:

Writing for Salon.com, Glenn Greenwald devoted much time and attention to coverage of news reports by Ross about an alleged link between post-9/11 Anthrax attacks in the United States and Iraq.

At one of the most critical times in American history, the weeks following the 9/11 and anthrax attacks, Greenwald wrote in an April 2007 article, ABC News and Brian Ross published multiple, highly inflammatory reports, aggressively linking Iraq to the anthrax attacks, which turned out to be completely false.

It has yet to be proven whether or not Greenwald has been spot-on when it comes to the NSA scandal, but I can tell you he was spot-on when it came to Ross.

Of course, that’s just a snippet of what appears in THE CLAPPER MEMO, the product of an exhaustive four-year investigation in which I connect the dots between three DoD memos — including one issued by James R. Clapper Jr. before he became Director of National Intelligence (i.e., our nation’s top intelligence official) — and hundreds of American and Coalition Forces casualties resulting from “Green-on-Blue” or “Insider” attacks in Afghanistan.

I hope you’ll buy it and read it soon.

THE CLAPPER MEMO is available in paperback and ebook versions at Amazon.

WARNING:  Your blood will boil with anger when you read THE CLAPPER MEMO.

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