Maybe Someone Doesn’t Want Me to Publish This Book

A fellow nonfiction author, whose name I will not share for security reasons, tackles subjects that certain elements within the federal government consider “taboo.”  Kinda like me.  Almost four years ago, she warned me about what had happened to her — while working on a book that went on to become a New York Times best seller, that is — and said it might happen to me.  Now, it seems, maybe she was right.

TheClapperMemoFrontCoverLR 6-5-13Only four days after I revealed the new cover design for my second nonfiction book, THE CLAPPER MEMO, both of the word processing programs I use to write my manuscripts crashed and would not reopen.

It’s not as if I didn’t pay attention to my fellow author’s warning.  In fact, I made it a point to disconnect my computer from the internet every time I was working on my manuscript.  Well, almost every time.  Dang it!

What is it in my next book that some would rather not see made public?  Some hints:

• In THE CLAPPER MEMO, I’ll share details of a 40-year technological turf war involving many players.  Inside the Pentagon.  At some of the nation’s top universities.  In places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Mexico.  And in local and state police jurisdictions across the United States.

• In THE CLAPPER MEMO, I’ll share never-before-published documents and insider details obtained from the very people who interrogated detainees at Guantanamo Bay and from the very people who interrogated members of Saddam Hussein’s “Deck of Cards.”

• In THE CLAPPER MEMO, I’ll connect the dots between three memos — including one signed in 2007 by James R. Clapper Jr. — and the “Green-on-Blue” attacks (a.k.a., “insider attacks”) by so-called “allies” in Afghanistan against their U.S. and coalition colleagues.

• After four years of work on THE CLAPPER MEMO, I found all roads lead back to the technological turf war and to the memo signed by Clapper — then serving as Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, now serving as Director of National Intelligence, our nation’s highest intelligence official.

Do I have any evidence that my system has been infiltrated?  No.  According to some in the military and intelligence communities who’ve assisted me in gathering information that will appear in THE CLAPPER MEMO, it’s unlikely I’ll ever find any.

Thankfully, I do have backup copies of my manuscript and other computers on which to work.


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Bob McCarty is the author of two nonfiction books, Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight For Military Justice (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13).

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